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Khepri’s Mythbuster “Who invented Black and White People?

1. What is the etymology (It’s origin and original meaning) of the words. Both words are European in origin. White and black(hue less) are both colors. Symbolicaly white means innocence and pure. Black negative and evil.

2. Did these terms originate with both peoples? No not for Afrakans. Afrakans never called themselves the black people. Afrakans looked at each Afrakan by there ethnic e.g Igbo,Yoruba,Kemite,Masai etc. For Europeans,The notion of “white people” or a “white race” as a large group of populations contrasting with non-white or “colored" originates in the 17th century. According to Gregory Jay, a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee,

Before the age of exploration, group differences were largely based on language, religion, and geography. … the European had always reacted a bit hysterically to the differences of skin color and facial structure between themselves and the populations encountered in Africa, Asia, and the Americas (see, for example, Shakespeare’s dramatization of racial conflict in Othello and The Tempest). Beginning in the 1500s, Europeans began to develop what became known as “scientific racism,” the attempt to construct a biological rather than cultural definition of race … Whiteness, then, emerged as what we now call a “pan-ethnic” category, as a way of merging a variety of European ethnic populations into a single “race” …

—Gregory Jay, “Who Invented White People?”

A three-part racial schema in color terms was used in seventeenth century Latin America under Spanish rule. Irene Silverblatt traces “race thinking” in South America to the social categories of colonialism and state formation: “White, black, and brown are abridged, abstracted versions of colonizer, slave, and colonized.” ”The term white came into wide use in the British colonies in America from the 1680s.

3. Is this statement accurate! Afrakans like all races(European,Asians) very in skin tones.
There is no scientific proof that all people no matter racial or ethnic background had the exact same skin tone. There is no evidence of a race of siamese twins. Europeans range from light brown,pink,red, and pale skin. Afrakans have the strongest range from dark brown chocolate(This is what people are calling black),Yellow look at the Khoi Khoi,brown,yellow, to pale skin (Albinos).

So where do Black people come from? Blackia, Negroland or Blackistan, following the obvious naming convention. What is the capital city of the Black home world? Black City orBlackatropolis? So if Afrakans do not come from these fictitious places and we find that so-called Black people come from Afraka (at some time in our recent history) then why not just call them Afrakans? At best the term is redundant. So what is the purpose of Blackness? Especially in a world where identity and land are exclusively interlinked for every other people: Jews of Israeli, Palestinians of Palestine, Indians of India, Zulu of Zululand, Masai of the Masai Mara.

Blackness, is largely a Western or American exonym, in which all so-called Black cultures around the world are forced to fit into.

5. Logical question. If Blacks are Blacks and Whites are Whites. What do you call Mexicans, where did the words Latino vs Hispanic come from? Why don’t we call Asians (Arab,Hindu,Native Americans,) the yellow race?? What is the classification for the red and brown? And is this fair and balance?

6. Does this help separate Afrakans as a race of peoples, from each other?

7. Do you understand the basics when someone ask you?

  1. What are you?
  2. What is your race?(overall physical appearance) Asian, Afrakan, or European
  3. What is your nationality? (Where do you come from or a citizen of) American,Nigerian,Kenyan,South American is not a race or ethnic. Anybody can be a citizen of the nation states.
  4. What is your ethnic background(What type of Asian,European or Afrakan are you). Igbo,Serb,Oromo,Lao,Veps,Aztec,Nung,Lu, or Dayak.
  5. (Afrakan voice) My great great great grandmom is Cherokee Indian. Most Afrakan don’t have that lineage! And all Afrakan certainly are not Cherokee. There were 500 nations of Asians here during colonial time. Funny how everyone is Cherokee??? But you are what you are. If you are basing your race off of one person in your family, that’s not all together true. Afrakans especially in America have European mainly on the paternal side, doesn’t change your race. If your using lineage or dna to say your a different race, your ultimately are gonna lead back to Afraka. Afrakan genes are usually dominant. And all human lineages go back to East Afraka!
  6. (Afrakan Voice) I am bi racial!! There are some humans who literally look distinctively like 2 races. Yes! Most of the times one of the 2 parents genes dominant. You are what you are. E.g all humans start off as females. But man don’t consider themselves half woman half man.
  7. (Afrakan Voice) I got Irish in my blood. False statement!! You don’t even have your mother blood in you. Your body only has your blood in it. That’s why people have to typed and cross when getting or receiving blood. This is not weird science, you can’t take a tube of blood and mix it with another tube and think you have a new race.
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