My Kemetic Dreams

-The worst trick of all is when he names us Negro and calls us Negro. And when we call ourselves that, we end up tricking ourselves.

-But he was right in saying that we’re not Negroes, and have never been, until we were brought here and made into that. We were scientifically produced by the white man. Whenever you see somebody who calls himself a Negro, he’s a product of Western civilization—not only Western civilization, but Western crime. The Negro, as he is called or calls himself in the West, is the best evidence that can be used against Western civilization today.

-One of the main reasons we are called Negro is so we won’t know who we really are. And when you call yourself that, you don’t know who you really are. You don’t know what you are, you don’t know where you came from, you don’t know what is yours. As long as you call yourself a Negro, nothing is yours. No languages—you can’t lay claim to any language, not even English; you mess it up. You can’t lay claim to any name, any type of name, that will identify you as something that you should be. You can’t lay claim to any culture as long as you use the word Negro to identify yourself. It attaches you to nothing!

- they might call someone else Puerto Rican to identify them. Mind you how they do this. When they call him a Puerto Rican, they’re giving him a better name. Because there is a place called Puerto Rico, you know. It at least lets you know where he came from. So they’ll say whites, Puerto Ricans, and Negroes. Pick up on that. That’s a drag, brothers

-nothing, absolutely nothing. What do you identify it with? Tell me. Nothing. What do you attach it to, what do you attach to it? Nothing. It’s completely in the middle of nowhere. And when you call yourself that, that’s where you are—right in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t give you a language, because there is no such thing as a Negro language. It doesn’t give you a country, because there is no such thing as a Negro country. It doesn’t give you a culture—there is no such thing as a Negro(Black) culture, it doesn’t exist. The land doesn’t exist, the culture doesn’t exist, the language doesn’t exist, and the man doesn’t exist. They take you out of existence by calling you a(black )Negro. And you can walk around in front of them all day long and they act like they don’t even see you. Because you made yourself nonexistent. [Applause] It’s a person who has no history; and by having no history, he has no culture.

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